20 things I’ve learned in the last two years

  1. You never know who you are affecting in ministry. Sometimes those who seem to care least actually care deeply.
  2. Be patient. Lives don’t change over night.
  3. Your wanderings serve the good purpose of humbling you (Deut. 8:2). Despair not, O soul! God works here!
  4. There is no substitute for extended times of earnest secret prayer.
  5. Things are not always as they seem.
  6. You will be wrong. A lot. Embrace grace.
  7. High school students can understand far more than we often think. Teach them the big truths about God.
  8. I am far worse than I originally thought– and God’s grace is more powerful than I could have ever imagined.
  9. I need to know the Bible more. Learn theology from the Bible, not (only) theology books.
  10. If you ask God to help you have the ability to wake up early so you can invest some morning hours with your heavenly Father, he will help you, and give you energy and joy to carry you through the day.
  11. It’s a good but difficult habit to pull away from your studies in the middle of the day and pray.
  12. A little girl is a blessing from God. Seriously. Allow others to be blessed by her. (Ashley taught me this).
  13. I am really good in theory and really bad in reality. I need to take what I know and live it.
  14. My preaching and teaching effectiveness is directly tied to my prayer life. If that’s dry, my messages will be also.
  15. Stop thinking deeply about “look after the interests of others” and do it!
  16. It takes planning to lead a family well. Look ahead and plan dates, plan vacations, and plan days off. Otherwise, nothing gets done and something else runs your family.
  17. If you are suspicious of other people, they will be suspicious of you.
  18. You’re not John Piper, John Macarthur, or John Calvin. You will never be. Learn from them, but be yourself.
  19. Physical exercise tends to result in better discipline in other areas.
  20. There’s nothing more exciting and invigorating than like-minded, Christ-disciples working together for the cause of Christ!

2 Replies to “20 things I’ve learned in the last two years”

  1. Sooooo . . . were you trying to slap me across the face with conviction?! This is good stuff, Eric. Particularly agreed with #7. #10 and #19 desperately need to be put in play in my life. Thank you!

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