Quick updates

First of all, if you’ve noticed, I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a while now. That’s because we’ve been getting settled into our new life.

Some quick things:

#1 My first week here at First Baptist Church Canoga Park has been great. It’s kinda funny though because I don’t really have much to do yet, especially because I haven’t really met anyone and I’m not fully transitioned in. Getting a lot of seminary work done.

#2 Emma is growing like crazy. We talk every day now. She doesn’t speak English yet.

#3¬†It takes me 5 times as long to get to work as it took me in Fallbrook (which was 2 minutes– do the math).¬†Ashley found a goldmine apartment complex in Woodland Hills. We love the location– and the traffic to seminary wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

#4 The other day I saw some guys playing pickup basketball outside. Never saw that in my two years in Fallbrook.

#5 Fun to be around Lakers fans again. Three-peat!

#6 I had a great commissioning service in Fallbrook. We were seriously blessed by the congregation, and especially by the kids in my youth group who came up on stage and prayed for us. Also, we officially dedicated Emma to the Lord– that was moving too!

#7 I *hope* to gather some thoughts about my time at Fallbrook (maybe, like, top ten moments or what my first impressions were of everyone– or maybe something on what I’ve learned) and put them on here in the next week.

2 Replies to “Quick updates”

  1. Yes, Eric, Emma’s dedication was powerful, your sermon was God-breathed, and the commissioning was Spirit-blessed. We are so glad we were there! And now we are SO glad you’re here, closer to us. What a gift! We so love you and your little family. And I’m so glad Emma doesn’t speak English yet. She’s speaking the most beautiful language in the world, baby talk. It is so precious!

  2. Thank you Eric for taking time to be in Steven & Bree’s wedding….I know it was such a busy time for your family but you made it happen! So glad you’re in WH. xo

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