What’s with all the Tony Dungy hate?

This article is entitled “Is it time for Tony Dungy to shut up about personal character?” The writer goes on the rip Dungy, a professed evangelical Christian, for what I think is a pretty tame statement. Apparently, he said that if Tony Romo wants to be a better leader, he needs to stop throwing interceptions. The blogger claims that Dungy passes unnecessary character judgment on the people he analyzes.

Seriously? Is that really a personal attack on Romo’s character? If any athlete wants to be a team leader he has to prove himself on the field– especially a quarterback. That’s not a character judgment– it’s a fact of professional athletics. Leadership is not just talk; ┬áit’s backed up by your game.

Sounds like these bloggers are little sensitive.

The article, which openly condescends Dungy, links to a different article that attacks Dungy for his statement that he wouldn’t hire Rex Ryan for his dirty mouth:

“Personally, I don’t want my players to be around that,” he said.” I don’t want to be around that. If I were in charge, I wouldn’t hire someone like that.”

It begins with this introductory paragraph:

In Tony Dungy’s world, the NFL would be a land of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, where nobody ever uses profanity and everyone is more focused on guiding the youth of America rather than winning football games.

Watch how the blogger concludes the article:

If Dungy doesn’t want to curse, fine. It’s worked for him. But to impose his beliefs on everyone else is holier-than-thou nonsense. Why does the Tony Dungy way have to be the only right way?

A man takes a stand against profanity and suddenly he’s imposing his beliefs on everyone. Wow.

Sounds like there’s some Dungy-hate in the air. The man is chum for a feeding frenzy of blogging pundits. I guess this should be expected.

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