No idea

For sad proof that too many people have no idea what the gospel is, peruse the comments of Miles McPherson’s blog post.

Maybe the worst (I didn’t look at them all):

Wow, I’m amazed at some of the comments. I’ve been a Chrisitian for almost 30 years and when I started to watch fox news recently (actually I started watching Glenn when he was on CNN) I wondered who this man was. Many times he had on Christian guests and spoke about spiritual things and I began wondering who this Glenn Beck was. When I looked into it and discovered he was Mormon, I had a moment of “Can this really be???” He is so Christ like and the fruit of the spirit is evedent. So I have decided he is a born again Chrisitian and just doesn’t know it. There are Chrisitians and non Chrisitians sitting in the pews of all denominations and I’ve seen more of a Christ like nature in Glenn Beck then I have seen in many of the people sitting in my own church. God can choose whomever he wants to preach the gospel and for what ever reason, for such a time as this, God has an opened a door through this man – to be honest – I’m not sure I’ve EVER seen him invite a mormon preacher on his show………. ever!!!!! In all the time I’ve been watching him he has never proclaimed mormonism. I thank Miles for participating in this attempt to reach people and to try and get the message out there that our country needs God more now that ever before. It was awesome to hear that message.

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