God, send me a Nathan

The process by which anything good grows is painful. Including churches.

Pain is a vital process to the development of the church. The result of truly loving someone often is pain. It hurts to suddenly be made aware of your sin by another person. But it’s good.

Nathan confronted David’s sin, and it broke David. But imagine if the sin David committed never came to the surface? It would have eaten him alive.

Every one of us has sin. It is the deepest problem in our marriages, our families, and our churches. When we hide it, we hurt everyone. We need people who love us enough to call it out. We need someone to get in our face. We need to feel the pain of our sin a little more poignantly.

The most loving thing you can do to a child who loves to run in the street is give him a loving whack on the rear to remind him that street cars are dangerous. The most loving thing you can do for a man who loves exalt himself is to give him a loving whack in the ego. Get the log out of your own eye, and go love your neighbor. And if you’re the neighbor, thank God that someone loved you enough to call sin sin.

O how we should pray to God for a Nathan to come into our lives and say “You’re the man! You are guilty of this sin!”

When this culture is created and maintained, when it is graceful and humble, unassuming and wise, we will grow. This is how true edification works. And it hurts a little.

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