Come Empty, All You Sinners!

First, we should come as we are: weak and weary sinners in need of a strong Christ. It is no virtue to pretend to be without need, especially before God. That’s pride. We are needy people; we need Christ, we need His assurance, we need His hope, we need His peace, we need His rest, we need His joy, we need contentment in Him.

Before we are able to give God anything we must first come to grips with our utter inability to give God anything. ¬†Only in the very act of desperately acknowledging that there is nothing within us to give, we are able to give to God. But the gift we give isn’t something God needs, or doesn’t have.

What we give Him is already rightfully His. He is the Great Redeemer, the Glorious Shepherd, our Hope, our Peace, our Comfort, our Joy, and when we come to Him empty, we give him the place of Redeemer, Hope-giver, Comforter, and Burden-lifter in our lives. It is His rightful place. And, in homely, earthen vessels, He shows Himself to be magnificent.

Jesus bids us “Come,” that he may give us rest! Jesus isn’t asking anything from you except to find rest in Him!

Stop trying to give to God! Come empty, all you sinners, and let your cup be filled!

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