Take Your Pick 7/3/10

# 1 What Kindle needs to do to keep up with iPad. I just started following this blog (I think I’m late to the game) and I love it.

I saw a two-year old kid (in diapers, in a stroller), using an iPod Touch today. Not just looking at it, but browsing menus and interacting. This is a revolution, guys.

# 2 If you are a parent (or planning on being one) it might be helpful to watch this video. It seems to be a scary fulfillment of a Huxleyan future.

# 3 This article by Russel Moore showed me the reality of how bad the oil spill is.

This is more than a threat to my hometown, and to our neighboring communities. It is a threat to national security greater than most Americans can even contemplate, because so few of them know how dependent they are on the eco-systems of the Gulf of Mexico. This is, as one magazine put it recently, Katrina meets Chernobyl.

# 4 Speaking of the oil spill, here are some sad pictures of what it’s doing to the environment.

Based on recently revised estimates, BP’s ruptured oil well at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico continues to leak 25,000 to 30,000 barrels of oil a day. The new figures suggest that an amount of oil equivalent to the Exxon Valdez disaster could still be flowing into the Gulf of Mexico every 8 to 10 days. Despite apparent efforts to restrict journalists from accessing affected areas, stories, video and photographs continue to emerge. Collected here are recent photographs of oil-affected wildlife, people and shorelines around the Gulf of Mexico on this, the 51st day after the initial explosion.

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