If I Were an Invisible Time-Traveling Photographer

If I were an invisible time-traveling photographer, I would go the the upper room, where Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. I’d get my camera aimed and ready to get a shot of Jesus washing Judas’ feet.

It’d be hard to decide where to take the picture from.  Would I take it from Jesus’ back, as he held one of Judas’ dirty feet with one hand and a soaked his towel in the other, ready to gently scrub away the dirt-stains?  I could get a straight shot into Judas’ eyes– furrowed with conflicting thoughts, yet unmistakably resolute; twitchy. Mesmerized by what Jesus was doing, but always avoiding the lamb-like eyes of his Rabbi.

Or I could position myself over Judas’ shoulder and shoot directly into the face of Jesus.  His concentration intense on Judas’ feet, his strong carpenter hands moving gently like a shepherd stroking his ewe lamb. Firm, and tender– cleansing. His eyes tell of his involvement with something beyond Judas’ comprehension; like a man present in body but absent in spirit– obviously engaged in something much deeper than the mere washing of feet. Utterly humble, yet with a confidence and authority never before seen. An apparent deep sorrow and a contradicting glint of joy.

Was that a smile on his lips?


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  1. Sweet post – I love imagining Christ’s thoughts and emotions. The Passion event is without question the most amazing event in the history of man – it is so complex, so deep, so intricate. Man could not have written a more epic story.

    By the way – I think our Lost prediction is getting closer to reality – Black rock, white rock – “I used to be a man just like you.” Esau!

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